Printing and packaging inks

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In addition to standard UV and water-based inks for package printing, Spring formulates and manufactures inks that solve specific problems.

The DFC (Direct Food Contact) series is nontoxic and, under appropriate conditions, a compostable alternative to traditional inks.

FLOW UV-curable inks provide exceptional adhesion on difficult-to-print film and foil substrates.

And Spring continues to develop specialty applications such as scratch-off systems, sterilization indicators or special effects.

Direct food contact inks

Direct food contact inks (DFC) from Spring are 100% non-toxic. DFC inks eliminate health hazards from migration and can increase ...

UV Inks

Spring’s range of UV flexo inks respond to a broad variety of requirements: Low migration Improved adhesion on films and ...

Water-Based Inks

Spring’s water-based inks guarantee superb print quality while respecting the latest environmental and food packaging norms

Specialty Inks

In addition to customer-specific formulations, Spring manufactures a range of scratch-off inks that are the standard for stability, opacity and ...

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