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Anilox Roll

Anilox Roll

In partnership with Bachkine Anilox Technologies, Spring provides the latest engraving technology with responsive technical support.

Product description of  the Anilox Roll

The laser engraved ceramic anilox roll plays a vital function in the coating system. The anilox cylinder is, in fact, a measuring device in which a multitude of micro-engraved cells bring a specific volume of ink to the surface of the photopolymer printing plate. In partnership with the company Bachkine Anilox Technologies, Spring provides newly engraved ceramic anilox rolls tailored to your machine specifications. We also refurbish copper, chrome or ceramic cylinders. See also our SpringMobile anilox cleaning service to maintain your precious anilox rolls in optimal operating conditions.

Features and benefits of a Ceramic Anilox Roll

  • Life span 10 times superior to chrome anilox (with doctor blades)
  • Long life with fountain roller utilisation
  • Very good wear resistance in relation to the chrome-plated anilox rolls
  • Very good resistance to corrosion. High hardness 1100 - 1300 Vickers
  • Accurate engraving along the cylinder
  • Control card furnished with each cylinder

Main applications of Anilox Rolls

  • Controlled ink transfer regardless of viscosity
  • Solid printing
  • UV Varnish applications
  • Various adhesive applications including hot melt and silicone
  • Specialty coatings and paints
  • Various laminating applications

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